1.What is the UDB?

The Union Database (UDB) is a platform developed and managed by the European Commission. It aims to ensure the tracing of liquid and gaseous transport fuels that are eligible for being counted towards the share of renewable energy in the transport sector in any Member State.


2.Do I have to use the UDB?

All ISCC EU certified system users – in the UDB context referred to as Economic Operators (EOs) – will need to use the UDB to register their transactions of ISCC EU certified material.
所有ISCC EU认证的系统用户—在UDB中称为经济运营者(EOs)—将需要使用UDB登记其ISCC欧盟认证材料的交易。


3.What kind of information must be registered in the UDB? 

Information regarding raw materials, sustainability characteristics, material conversion and all transaction data regarding buying and selling of raw materials or fuels.


4.Do I have to register myself in the UDB?

It is a responsibility of the Voluntary Schemes to onboard the economic operators in the UDB. ISCC is currently onboarding its system users and their certificates.


5.My company is certified under more than one Voluntary Scheme. Do I have to register in the UDB more than once?

You just need to register once. In the UDB you can switch between the different schemes, when necessary.


6.Who is receiving the invitation for lead user in the UDB?

ISCC can only provide one registration link per organization. This link is sent out to the official first contact person of your company regarding ISCC EU certification. It is a responsibility of this person as the lead user to invite further users within your own organization, when necessary.
ISCC只能为每个组织提供一个注册链接。此链接发送给贵司ISCC EU认证的第一联系人。第一联系人作为主要用户,在必要时可以在您自己的组织中邀请创建更多的用户。


7.I am the lead user for more than one company. Do I need a different account for each company?

No, you can switch between the different companies by clicking on your profile / name in the top right-hand corner. All the companies’ accounts should be listed there.


8.How can I connect our internal IT system to the UDB?

ISCC will provide all prerequisites for the connection and processing of transactions via the UDB once important framework conditions are established.


9.Will ISCC act as a Service Provider to its system users?

ISCC stays fully committed to become a Service Provider once stable framework conditions and a smooth launch can be assured.
一旦确保了稳定的框架条件和平稳的运行能力, ISCC将全力成为服务提供商。


10.Are there any handbook or training materials for using the UDB?

The UDB Team is currently working on a public wiki page for the economic operators. Once this page is available, we will inform our system users immediately.
UDB团队目前正在为经济运营商者(EOs)创建一个公开的网页(wiki page)。一旦此网页可用,我们会立即通知系统用户。


11.Why can’t ISCC approve a 3rd party Service Provider?

Since there is no official guidance on the process of Service Provider approval, it can be anticipated that 14 different VSs will apply different standards. Furthermore, prerequisites of utmost importance, such as governance structure, IT security and GDPR are not yet defined by the EC. Therefore, ISCC does not see itself in a position to approve 3rd party Service Provider at this point in time.


12.When will ISCC provide trainings for the UDB?

A conceptional development of trainings first requires a profound understanding of the platform and sufficient testing. This can be accomplished after all the UDB features are functional. Once this has been done, trainings will be offered in different time zones.


13.What is/are the language(s) of the UDB?

The UDB can be used in English and French.


14.When will the onboarding of Certification Bodies take place?

According to the EC, the Certification Bodies shall have access to the features in the UDB in Q2 2023. Description about the role of the CB in the UDB is still missing.


15.How will the UDB be linked to other national databases (e.g., Nabisy, Carbide, etc.)?

The UDB team is currently in discussions with the national databases about integration with the UDB. Please note, that the legal requirements of Member States remain unchanged, e.g., the use of Nabisy for bringing biofuels into the German market is mandatory by German law.





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