1.How do I register for Nabisy?
You can find the Nabisy application forms in the client section for System Users. Please fill out the relevant application form and send it to  




2.How do I change the contact data for my Nabisy account?
Please fill out an amendment form and send it to You can find the Nabisy application forms in the client section for System Users. 




3.What is the status of my Nabisy applicaiton and/or my login data?
In general, the processing of your Nabisy application can take up to a few days.  
If you have already received an e-mail confirmation by ISCC saying that your application was transferred to the BLE, please contact the BLE directly via to inquire about the status.   
If you have not received this e-mail yet, please first check with the official responsible person for ISCC in your company if a confirmation e-mail was received before contacting ISCC.  






1.Which materials can be certified under ISCC?
Depending on the selected certification scheme, meaning ISCC EU, ISCC PLUS or ISCC CORSIA, different materials can be certified. ISCC provides list a of certifiable materials for each certification system in the client section. All materials that can be covered under ISCC EU or ISCC CORSIA can also be covered under ISCC PLUS. 


根据所选择的认证方案,即ISCC EU、ISCC PLUS或ISCC CORSIA,可以认证不同的原料。ISCC在客户端为每个认证体系提供了一份可认证原料清单。所有可以在ISCC EU或ISCC CORSIA中涵盖的原料也可以在ISCC PLUS中涵盖。


2.I would like to certify a material, that is currently not included in the ISCC materials lists. How do I proceed?
The ISCC materials lists are continuously developed further. In case you would like to add a material to the ISCC lists, please send your request via the contact form. 




3.How do I add a new waste or residue material to the ISCC EU list of materials?
In order to add a new waste or residue material to the ISCC EU list of materials, ISCC requires sufficient evidence demonstrating that the material is recognized as a waste or residue in at least one EU Member State within the framework of the REDII and FQD. Please note that the acceptance of a final product (e.g. biofuel) produced from a raw material which was certified according to the ISCC waste and residue certification process is always the decision of the authorities of the particular EU Member State where the final product comes onto the market (e.g. to fulfil biofuel quota obligations).


3.如何在ISCC EU原料清单中添加新的废料或残渣原料?
为了将一种新的废物或残渣原料添加到ISCC EU原料清单中,ISCC要求有足够的证据证明该原料在RED II和FQD框架内被至少一个欧盟成员国认定为废物或残渣。请注意,是否接受由ISCC废物和残渣认证流程认证的原材料生产的最终产品(如生物燃料),始终是最终产品上市的特定欧盟成员国自主决定。





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