审核和验证Audit and verification


1.What do I have to keep in mind for my audit?
Please find the ISCC certification process here. The requirements to be fulfilled depend on the scope of the company to be certified. The ISCC audit procedures are scope-specific and provide all relevant requirements. The audit procedures are based on the ISCC System Documents. Further documents are provided in the client section of the ISCC website. It is strongly recommended to plan the audit in time. 


请在ISCC官网 www.iscc-system.org找到ISCC认证流程。需要满足的要求取决于被认证企业的范围。ISCC审核程序是针对特定范围的,并提供了所有相关要求。审核程序基于ISCC系统文件。进一步的文件在ISCC网站的客户端提供。强烈建议及时规划审核。


2.Do I need ISCC certified material before the certification can start?
For an initial audit, you need to prepare templates and other documents (please see check list in client section). The receipt of sustainable material is only possible if the recipient has a valid certificate (ISCC System Document 203, chapter 3.2.2).  Exceptions apply to First Gaterhing Points and Collecting Points (please refer to ISCC System Document 203, chapters 3.4.3 and 3.4.6).




3.What is the validity of a certificate?
The validity period of all ISCC certificates is one year – precondition is the successful audit. 




4.Which certification bodies do you cooperate with and do they have auditors in all countries?
Please find all the certification bodies that ISCC cooperates with here on our website. Many of them work on a global basis. Please get in touch with the contact person for more information regarding your specific set-up.  




5.How long does it take to receive a certificate?
This highly depends on what you already have in place and how quickly you can prepare for the audit. Please contact a cooperation certification body first and discuss their availabilty with them. Under ISCC rules, CBs have a maximum of 60 days to issue the certificate from the day that the audit is completed.  




6.How long do I have to store my records?
Please refer to ISCC System Document 203 – Traceability and Chain of Custody.  




7.How many certificates do I need? Do I need to register each operational site separately?
The certificates are site specific, which means that per legal entity and per location one certificate is necessary. Under this certificate several inputs / outputs, raw material categories and market activities (processing, storing, etc.) can be covered. For each operational site that shall get certified, an individual registration form needs to be submitted. 




8.My certificate hasn’t been published on the ISCC website yet, when can I begin selling material?
Your certificate is valid from the date of issue, so it is permitted to handle sustainable material once you receive your certificate from the certification body, even if it hasn’t been published on the ISCC website yet.








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