1.What does ISCC stand for?
ISCC stands for International Sustainability and Carbon Certification. Certification under the ISCC standard assures a fully transparent and deforestation-free supply chain and the protection of land with high biodiversity value and high carbon stock. The ISCC standard promotes human, labour and land rights, as well as good management practices. Furthermore, ISCC provides the methodology, rules and guidelines for calculating and verifying greenhouse gas emissions and emission reductions. ISCC is a globally applicable sustainability certification system and covers all sustainable feedstocks, including agricultural and forestry biomass, bio-based and circular materials and renewables. Depending on the market in which you wish to supply your sustainable material, you may select the respective certification system


ISCC是国际可持续性和碳认证的缩写。根据ISCC标准进行认证可确保供应链完全透明和无毁林,并保护具有高生物多样性价值和高碳储量的土地。ISCC标准促进了人权、劳工权和土地权,以及良好的管理实践。此外,ISCC 提供了计算和核查温室气体排放和减少排放的方法、规则和准则。ISCC是一个全球适用的可持续性认证体系,涵盖了所有可持续性原料,包括农业和林业生物质、生物基和循环材料以及可再生能源。 根据您希望供应可持续材料的市场,您可以选择相应的认证系统


2.Where do I find the ISCC documents?
ISCC System Documents 
ISCC Sustainability Declarations 
ISCC Self Declarations 
ISCC Guidance Documents




3.How do I receive access to the client section?
Please note that the client section of our website is for registered users and members only. In order to proceed, please send a message to including your company name and preferably you ISCC registration number.




注册和认证Registration and certification


1.Which certification scheme is right for me?
The type of certification depends on your market application. If your target market is biofuels in the EU, the ISCC EU certificate must be applied. ISCC EU is recognised by the European Commission to demonstrate compliance with the EU’s sustainability criteria for biofuels set out in the RED. It is widely established and applies to all operators in the biofuel supply chain. 
ISCC PLUS covers non-regulated markets for products derived from circular, bio-based and renewable material, e.g. in the markets of industrial applications, food, feed and biofuels outside the EU. If you are interested in producing Sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) eligible under the ICAO CORSIA scheme, please have a look at ISCC CORSIA certification.


认证的类型取决于您的市场应用。如果你的目标市场是欧盟的生物燃料,必须申请ISCC EU证书。ISCC EU是欧盟委员会认可的符合欧盟生物燃料可持续性标准的RED。它被广泛建立并适用于生物燃料供应链中的所有经营者。
ISCC PLUS涵盖了来自未监管市场的循环、生物基和可再生材料产品,例如欧盟以外的工业应用、食品、饲料和生物燃料市场。如果您有兴趣生产符合ICAO CORSIA计划的可持续航空燃料(SAF),请参阅ISCC CORSIA认证。


2.Do I have to be in the EU to be certified under ISCC EU?
No, ISCC EU certification is relevant for any company which handles sustainable material that will eventually be sold as biofuel in the EU.




3.What are the steps to become certified?
The  ISCC certification process includes these main steps: 
Choose a CB and to sign a contract with them.  
Get Registered with ISCC and by filling out the ISCC registration form 
Get audited by your certification body and receive your ISCC certificate 
Handle sustainable material and use ISCC logos and claims 
Your CB will be able to answer specific questions regarding individual certification cases e.g., regarding the applicable scopes.




4.How do I submit a new ISCC registration?
The first step to become ISCC certified is to choose a certification body (CB) and to sign a contract with them. A list with all recognised CBs is provided on our website. Then you should register with ISCC, by filling out a registration form, which you can find here. After the audit has been conducted successfully, the certificate will be issued from your certification body.


获得ISCC认证的第一步是选择认证机构(CB),并与它们签订合同。我们的网站提供了一个列表 ,包括所有认可的认证机构。然后您可以填写ISCC注册表进行ISCC注册。审核成功后,您的认证机构将颁发证书。


5.Can I get certified under several ISCC schemes?
Yes, it is possible to get certified under multiple schemes. There are no limits on the combination. If you are adding an additional certification scheme to the same operational unit, you do not need to apply for a new registration number. Please contact your certification body in this regardfor more information about adding a scheme to your certification.




6.I need to change something in my registration – what should I do?
In order to change data in a submitted registration, please send us an email to stating the name of your company, ISCC registration number, and what you would like us to change.




7.I have recently changed certification bodies – how do I inform ISCC?
Please send us an email to stating the name and ISCC registration number of your company and the name of the new certification body and the date the new contract was signed. 




8.What is meant by “Total Turnover” in the registration form?
The overall turnover of all products at that legal entity are relevant – not only the turnover of the sustainable material.




9.Do you recommend certain CBs for specific scopes?
ISCC does not give recommendations on which certification body to choose. However, you can find a list of all cooperating Certification Bodies here on our website. Most of them are active on a global scale with representatives in many regions of the world. You may also browse through the valid ISCC certificates of companies located in your relevant country by entering it the search function below the table in the row “certificate holder” 


ISCC没有给出关于认证机构的选择建议。但是,您可以在我们的网站上找到所有合作的认证机构列表。它们中的大多数在全球范围内活跃,在世界许多区域都有代表。您也可以通过在“证书持有人”搜索栏中进行搜索,浏览相关国家持有有效ISCC证书的企业 。


10.What are the costs associated with ISCC certification?
ISCC provides an overview of ISCC fees for system users, cooperating certification bodies and members of the ISCC Association (ISCC e.V.). Please note that the costs for the certification audit are not included in the ISCC fees for registration and certification and have to be discussed with the certification body directly. 




11.Is it possible to add a storage facility, input material or product to my certification during the certification period?
Yes, this is possible. Please communicate this to your certification body who will then decide if an additional audit is necessary or not. The updated documents will be sent to ISCC and the new certificate uploaded on the ISCC website.








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